29 Aug

Facebook not showing your company business page name while entering work information

Even social networking Giant Facebook is not bug-free.

As far as i know there are thousands of developers working for Facebook site. At the time of writing this article there are 120 vacancies with Facebook. After all, they are also human beings and mistakes are prone to happen. However, with all the fuss around the world for Facebook, does it make sense for Facebook to have bugs for ages without even resolving them? Well, the only person who can answer this would be the owner of Facebook. I am sure there are plenty of them but one such bug i noticed and experienced is Facebook not showing your company business page name while entering work information.

Ideally, when you have a business page created, you can just start typing your name in the box which asks you where you worked for and as you type in, it gives you suggestions and your page name may come up which you can select. However, this is not always true and thousands of people all over the world have come across the bug where  Facebook not showing your company Business page name while entering your work information. There can be a plenty of reasons behind that, a few of which are listed below (None of these workarounds worked for me though, until i went for a completely different solution which worked like a charm):

  1. You need to make sure you select the category of your business page as “Local business”. This allows the page to be listed for place where you work as per Facebook team. However, my experience with Facebook is that even if your page is listed as Local business, it still doesn’t show up as an option for where you work information.
  2. Your page was recently created. Well some people have complained that their page was created 2 to 3 years ago and has thousands of likes and they are facing this problem. So this cannot be the cause i believe. But it is worth knowing, since you never know with Facebook.
  3. You did not enter address of your business. It is very important that you enter address of your business which should include the street name and zip code too for Facebook to identify location and this helps people to check in at your business too.
  4. Your business page is restricted to a country using country restriction feature of Facebook. When you check the settings of your page, in the page information section there is an option where you can restrict the countries targeted for the page. Make sure you do not have any value entered there if you are not targeting a particular country.
  5. Make sure your page is published. This is an obvious thing but i have noticed some people not publishing their page and wondering why their page is not showing as an option in search results or work information.
  6. Like the business page first and then try to add that as your work place. Well, i find this funny but some people say it worked for them. there is no harm giving it a go.
  7. Some people also suggested un-publishing your page and the re-publishing. This never worked for me either.

However, it is also true that even if a business page was created long time ago, say 3 months ago, you have selected the category as “Local business”, You have entered correct address, and you do not have any country restrictions on, it still doesn’t show up. I did read somewhere in Facebook about going to your about section in your profile and try to add a life event and then enter your work information. But this does not work any more. Some people say that, type the name exactly same as your business page even if it does not show in suggestions. Once you save it, from your about section, clicking on it will show you the correct page. Be careful with this, because doing this will get Facebook to create a new page on the name of your company which will be different than the business page you have. So, this could create even more problem.

Facebook creating the page on the name of your company is even more pain. Since you get people to check in to that and also people like that page which is not even your business page. Facebook does provide option to merge that page to your business page. However, i have never seen this option so far. Facebook also claims that they have option for you to claim that page, which i have failed to see.


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